We would like to hear from highly motivated and experienced professionals, a career with Pacific Helicopters has steep entry requirements, and we expect you to remain at the top of your game during your employment with us.  Whilst working safety throughout the challenging Papua New Guinea environment may appear somewhat daunting, you will be in good company with our existing team of experienced professionals and supportive management structure.

Please contact us if you meet the following requirements:

Maintenance Control and Technical Records Staff

Pacific Helicopters are inviting expressions of interest for the positions of Maintenance Control and Technical Records Staff.  Please send enquiries about these positions to

careers-2Rotary Wing Pilots

Minimum Requirements:

  • 2000 hrs Total
  • 1500 hrs Pilot In Command
  • 1000 hrs Turbine
  • 100 hrs on Type
  • Rating on: Bell 206L, AS 350,
  • Long Line Experience
  • Mountain Time Advantage
  • More than 500 hrs on Type Advantage


Minimum Requirements:

  • Bell 212 Pilots
  • BK117 Pilots
  • H145 Pilots


Minimum Requirements:

  • Touring positions available for experienced, licensed ICAO type 2 engineers
  • H145, B212, BK117, AS 350, and B206